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Auto Insurance in Northeast Florida

Owning a vehicle that suits your lifestyle comes with convenience and responsibility. That is why it’s only wise to purchase auto insurance in Northeast Florida that provides you with the protection you need from any unexpected financial loss. With the right coverage, you can rest assured that you won’t have to think about huge out-of-pocket expenses in case of any untoward incident.


Your local Farmers® Insurance agent Michael Mayer works with individuals and families in St. Augustine and the surrounding areas. He provides his customers with the information they need to select auto insurance coverage that reflects their preferences when it comes to protecting their vehicles and assets.


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Main Types of Auto Coverage

Liability coverage helps you pay for expenses related to an injury you have caused on other people as well as damage to their property. This is required by law in nearly all states.

This helps you cover the cost of vehicle repair or replacement that results from your collision with other vehicles, objects, or animals.

This provides you with coverage for loss caused by circumstances other than a collision, including animal damage, fire, hail, theft, or vandalism.

Hands As Car Protection

Ways to Customize Your Policy

This helps you cover the expenses of your rehabilitation and lost wages as a result of an accident, whether you or someone else is at fault.

Aside from having 24/7 roadside assistance, this coverage also helps you pay for auto locksmith services, jumpstarts, or tire changes.

If your car is due for repairs and you need to rent one, this coverage helps you pay for your rental expenses for up to 30 days.

If your car is a total loss, a Guaranteed Value™ pays you a defined, agreed-upon value to help you cover the expenses.

This helps you cover the cost of repairs or replacements for specific equipment, such as custom aftermarket wheels or infotainment systems.

With comprehensive collision coverage, you can have the financial support you need to replace or repair your car when you’re at fault. This may include collisions with animals, objects, or other vehicles.

Recreational Insurance

Experience the joy of the great outdoors without worries when you have recreational insurance coverage. Farmers® Insurance has flexible coverage options and discounts, whether you own a boat, travel trailer, ATV, or motor home.

Contact a Farmers® Insurance agent to get a quote.

Motorcycle Insurance

Have fun and enjoy motorcycle adventures without worries when you have the right motorcycle insurance policy. For information about motorcycle insurance for more than one bike and discounts or rewards for responsible riders, talk to a Farmers® Insurance agent.


If your bike was put down because of a wrong turn at an intersection, the repairs might cost you more than your motorcycle’s worth.



Elite and Plus packages can cover your expenses if your bike is a total loss. While Elite coverage provides the current market value for a motorcycle less than five years old, a Plus coverage lasts until a bike is two years old.


While going on a motorcycle ride may be fun, it may also put you at risk of losing any of your personal belongings.



Elite coverage can help you cover the expenses of replacing any personal property, whether it’s stolen, lost, or damaged in an accident.


On an ordinary day, you may damage your helmet and need immediate replacement.